Bullying is no laughing matter. It can cause terrible psychological and emotional harm and has even driven people to suicide. The law has traditionally recognized a legal claim for intentional infliction of emotional cruelty, which covers much of the conduct which has been termed bullying. In recent years, many states – including New York – have passed laws aimed at cracking down on bullying. Whether it happens in the schoolyard or in the workplace, bullying often starts when one person picks on someone else and then gets others to join in.

While some may attempt to minimize the seriousness and long-term emotional impact of bullying in schools and at the workplace, the fact is that victims of this type of behavior often suffer devastating consequences that last a lifetime. Bullying is, in essence, aggressive behavior that harms and/or humiliates another person. Often, it involves some sort of a power imbalance. Bullying can take physical or verbal forms. Physical bullying may involve fighting, pushing, spitting, and property destruction. Verbal bullying may consist of name-calling, rumor spreading, and threats. Victims of bullying behavior may experience either or both forms of bullying. It is not uncommon for bullying to begin in verbal form before graduating into physical forms.
While bullying is most often prevalent in children, bullying can also occur in a wide variety of circumstances for adults. This includes bullying in the work place, the dating world, and online.
From a legal perspective, bullying is often handled through a variety of frameworks. There is no such thing as a uniform “bullying” lawsuit. Depending on the specific facts and circumstances involved, holding bullies and enablers accountable may be take a variety of different paths.

Workplace Bullying

According to the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute this takes place when someone uses verbal abuse, threatens, humiliates, intimidates, or attempts to sabotage another person’s work. Further statistics by this organization show that workplace bullying is three times as prevalent as illegal discrimination and nearly 1,600 times as prevalent as workplace violence.
There are several other types of bullying which may take place, however if bullying leads to mental or physical harm to another individual, our attorneys may be able to help.

School Bullying

School bullying may occur in nearly every part in or around the school, while it is most common in physical education classes, activities, recess, hallways, school buses, and bathrooms. This may include a group of students taking advantage of or isolating a single student in order to gain loyalty of bystanders in order to avoid becoming the next victim. These individuals may taunt and tease the bully until physically abusing them.
At Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have recognized how truly devastating bullying can be to a victim and can lead to severe mental and physical disorders if it is not put to an end.

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If you or a loved one has suffered as the result of bullying, align yourself with a Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C. lawyer with the skills and dedication necessary to fight for your rights.

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