Cyber-harassment, or cyber-bullying, is one of the most common crimes among those who do not want to show their face among others and for those who want to commit a crime against several people at once. Cyber-harassment and cyber stalking are serious crimes that can result in federal and state prosecution. Penalties can be significant, especially when there are real-world consequences for online harassment. New York classifies cyber bullying as a Class A misdemeanor which can result in up to one year in prison, paying fines, or both.

What is Cyber Crime Harassment?

Cyber bullying involves using the computer, Internet, or other information technology networks to deliberately and repeatedly harass or harm someone. A wide variety of different behaviors could constitute cyber bullying, including:
  • Posting rumors and gossip on web pages, in discussion groups, over Instant Messenger, in online gaming, and via text message.
  • Making repeated contact with someone using social media or other online methods of communication to name call or post offensive comments.
  • Intentionally and cruelly excluding people from an online group.
  • Ganging up on victims online and making them the subject of ridicule in forums or on social media.
  • Hacking into and vandalizing websites with misleading or defamatory information about a person.
  • Publishing someone’s identity and personal information online, including disclosing someone’s address or workplace (also known as “doxing”).
  • Posing as someone else online, including creating fake accounts and/or posting while impersonating the victim.
  • Posting offensive and/or demeaning pictures on social media.
  • Making online death threats.
  • Using “Google bombs” to manipulate search engines to return particular information when an individual is searched.
These are just some examples of cyber crime harassment. Cyber stalking is an offense similar to cyber bullying; however, it can involve not only using the Internet to harass someone but also using the Internet to monitor and keep tabs on victims. A person can engage in cyber stalking without the victim even being aware that the person’s accounts are being followed and information is being obtained. However, cyber stalking can also be much more open and can be accompanied by bullying behaviors and/or repeated unwanted contact.

How Can a Cyber Stalking Attorney or Cyber Bullying Lawyer Help You?

If you are accused:
If you have been accused of cyber crime harassment, you need a cyber bullying lawyer to assist you in fighting for your future. You should not be imprisoned or face fines and other consequences when you are wrongly accused of making offensive statements over the Internet.
If you are victim:
A New York cyber bullying attorney can help you make the decision which is right for your future, protect your rights, and be an advocate and liason between law enforcement officials and prosecutors. Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more.


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