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No-Fault Collection

Are you having a difficult time obtaining reimbursement for No-Fault benefits? Are you concerned that business profits will be down this year because you cannot obtain no-fault insurance carriers to pay?New York’s No-Fault Law was initially introduced to guarantee that insurance providers would pay No-Fault benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to a person being involved in an automobile accident, regardless of fault. The intended goal of the law was to accelerate the pace of compensation and reimbursement without the need for time-consuming litigation.But, as healthcare providers have discovered over time, reimbursements from insurance carriers are routinely deferred or denied and it is now ever more difficult to receive payment for necessary services provided to no-fault patients.

The Problem For Healthcare Providers

You have rendered necessary services to no-fault patients and the insurance companies will not pay. Your calls fall on deaf ears and your emails go unanswered. But, as a business owner, you know that cash is as critical to your success as gas is to your car. Sure, you feel great about providing services to patients who are in need, but you need to be paid for these services in order to realize a profit. All unpaid No-Fault claims should be thought of as “profit leaks” because they leak profits before they ever reach your bottom line.

How Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C. Can Help

Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C. is a New York City law firm that represents healthcare providers in obtaining reimbursement for No-Fault benefits. Located in Brooklyn, we have years of experience collecting unpaid No-Fault claims for healthcare providers in the New York area.
The attorneys at Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C. can assist you in collecting the money you are rightfully owed, which will enable you to avoid the stress, aggravation, and time wasted wrangling with insurance carriers and focus on your main priority – providing the highest standard of care and service possible to your patients. We review each case to identify the best strategy for expediently collecting the highest amount of unpaid No-Fault bills as possible.

What Makes Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C. Different?

No-Fault collection attorneys need to have an in-depth knowledge of New York State No-Fault Insurance Law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and other laws, as well as how these laws affect and relate to healthcare providers and collecting the debts they are owed. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of debt collection and can make sure that you are in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all other state and federal regulations related to obtaining reimbursement of No-Fault benefits.What’s more, while many law firms try to focus on everything – divorce, estate planning, workers’ compensation, real estate, criminal law, etc – we at Ratsenberg & Associates, P.C. know that if you are a jack of all trades, you are a master of none. So, we only focus on representing the victims of personal injury accidents and the healthcare providers that treat them recover compensation from insurance companies who are quick to delay or deny payment on legitimate claims.We represent healthcare providers from across the healthcare spectrum who have been wrongly denied the payment of No-Fault bills – from physicians and physical therapists to neurologists, chiropractors, and prosthetic equipment providers.

For help with a No-Fault Collection in the New York (NYC) metropolitan area, contact a NYC personal injury lawyer.

The laws and guidelines governing personal injury claims vary by state and region. Hiring a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts can be an advantage when building your case and pursuing your claim for compensation in NYC.